About Us…

At Pragmatic QA, we have substantial experience in delivering cultural change and process improvement through development of management systems and deployment of quality and Lean tools and techniques across the commercial, voluntary and public sectors.

We work with different sized organizations at various stages of capability, introducing and driving programmes of quality improvement.

We lead and facilitate development and implementation of quality management systems and continual improvement initiatives based on Lean in all three sectors.

At present, we are offering the ‘Lean Forward‘ training programme at competitive cost – it’s two half-days aimed specifically at the public and voluntary sectors. You will gain an insight into the Lean management philosophy, principles and methods as well as the way that Lean practices align perfectly with the ethos of the public and voluntary sectors.


For the last few years, we have been designing and developing a new approach to gaining and using client feedback in the most effective way possible.  It’s called PragmaticSurvey and it is simple to create surveys from scratch or from one of our templates.  You will gain so much more from using PragmaticSurvey to boost your business efficiency.